Today in the city Dublin 21.01.2018
A hotel has banned all bloggers after an escalating feud with this YouTuber

If ever you doubted the internet's ability to completely escalate a situation, just take a look at this ongoing feud between a British blogger and a hotel. SEE ALSO: Logan Paul's fans still love him a...

A Deloitte consultant wrote a cringeworthy pop song and sent it to his bosses — now it's being shared round the world

A new hire at the global consultancy firm Deloitte recorded a bizarre song to celebrate getting the job. He sent it to all his superiors, and now it's being shared (and mocked) by the company's nearly...

You'll need more than a diploma to work in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries today, and it's also one of the fastest moving. Cyber expert Anil Markose explains that if you're not staying ahead, then you're falling behind....

Missouri Lawmaker Wants Civics Test Requirement for Colleges

A Missouri lawmaker is pushing a bill that would require college students to pass a civics test before they're issued a diploma.

New Netflix Anime Series 'Devilman Crybaby' Is An Insane Visual Roller-Coaster

Netflix latest animated binge is a visual feast of extreme sex and violence based on a popular Japanese manga.

‘Stargate’ Alums Attached to Syfy International Original ‘The Outpost’

Syfy has greenlit “The Outpost,” an original fantasy series for its international networks. “Stargate” producer Dean Devlin and “Stargate SG-1” showrunner Jonathan Glassner will executive produce the...

Where to Experience Ireland’s Culinary Renaissance

From Dublin to Limerick, restaurants are showcasing a return to local ingredients. Here are the best places to experience modern Irish food in 2018.

Vintage Mugshots of Irish Criminals in Dublin: Part 2 (1866)

A collection of mugshots of serious criminal offenders incarcerated at Mountjoy Prison in Dublin, Ireland, taken in November 1866.

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